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Welcome, new property owners!

When you purchase property within the BLPOA community, you must contact the Treasurer so the BLPOA's property owner record reflects the change of ownership.  You may send an email to the Treasurer by clicking:  Please include your name, lake property address, mailing address and telephone number.  If you know the name of the previous owner, please include it, too.

Belleau Lake is completely surrounded by private property.  The "common areas" consist of (but are not limited to) the lake, dam, roads, beaches, boat launch and a little over 100 acres of recreation land.  These are all maintained by the Belleau Lake Property Owners Association (or BLPOA).  The costs of maintaining these is only made possible through the collection dues from those living within the Association boundaries.  Most residents (with a single lot and home on it) pay about $350 / year in dues.  With the exception of a contribution to our milfoil program - the Town of Wakefield does not provide the BLPOA with assistance to defray the costs of maintaining these common areas.   


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