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BLPOA Officers and Directors are listed by position with their name, term expiration (year) and their clickable email address below:  




President - Kerry Vachon (2024)

Vice President - Mark Tucker (2025)

Treasurer - Mary Vinagro (2024)

Asst. Treasurer - Lisa Giannelli (2025)

Secretary - Laura Melanson (2025)

Asst. Secretary - Ellen Benson (2024)


Association Park - Gary Provencal (2025)

​At Large 1 - Christine Gallaher (2024)


At Large 2Karen Consoli  (2025)

Beaches - Sheila Amero (2024)


Boat Launch Keys - Bob Goodwin (2024)


Communications - Steve Consolmagno (2024)

Lake Safety - Steve Bischof (2025)

Milfoil - Kerry Vachon (2024)

Roads - Tim Booth (2025)



Election Schedule


Elections take place annually at the Fall Membership Meeting.  All positions have a 2 year term.  The election cycle is as follows:

- Even Years -
Officers: President, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary 
Directors: At-Large-1, Beaches, Boat Launch Keys, Communications and Milfoil

- Odd Years -
Officers: Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Treasurer
Directors: Association Park, At-Large-2, Lake Safety, Roads

Unfilled positions are addressed in the BLPOA Bylaws (Article III, Section VII):


"Vacancies on the Board of Directors shall be filled by vote of the Board of Directors, for unfilled terms." 

Do you need information - but are still unsure of whom to ask?  Click: General Information to see links to people and their responsibilities.

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