Access to the BLPOA Member Directory is password protected to help safeguard members' information.  You will need to supply the password to download the file.


If you have the current Member Directory password already, you may download the directory now by clicking the download link below:


BLPOA Directory






The password is changed from time to time. If you need the current password, request it by clicking the link below. I usually handle password requests via email in 24 hours or less.  By requesting a password, you agree that:

  • You are a BLPOA member in good standing,

  • You will not share or distribute the directory or portions of it,

  • You will supply the password as provided by the BLPOA and

  • You will not use any of the information contained in this directory for monetary gain or commercial purposes.


The password will be provided upon request ONLY to those meeting requirements listed above AND have supplied their address information for inclusion in the directory by clicking the password request below. 



Password Request



Any questions, problems, etc. encountered with the form please click here.