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We realize many people have more than one email address and use different email addresses for different purposes.  For this reason, your information & email address are provided to the treasurer only for use as a back up.  You must provide your name, lake property address(es) or lot number(s), an email and billing address to the treasurer to receive your annual membership dues invoice.  You can send this information by clicking:  Please remember to update the treasurer whenever there is a change to any of this information.

By clicking the link below, you can sign yourself up to receive email notifications that the BLPOA feels would be of interest to the residents of the Belleau Lake community. These emails will nearly always come from  During the sign up process, you'll be provided options to share all, some or none of this information to the BLPOA Member Directory. It will take only a few moments of your time to complete. Only those that have elected to share at least some of their information in the directory will be provided access to it when published. The directory will be published if a sufficient number of members wish to share their info.  Of the 250 members (many are member & spouse) that have signed up for email notifications (not the 400+ households in the association) only about half are interested in the directory. Greater participation is needed for a directory to be useful.    

 Get started by clicking:

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