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2018 Kayak Race

An absolute beautiful day and time were enjoyed by all attending the inaugural BLPOA Kayak Race held at Association Park.   Our twenty enthusiastic kayakers competed in one of three races based on their age.
First up were those 15 years of age and younger, whose course was shorter than the older folks course. Starting at the association dock they raced around the first buoy, which was Jeff Zegas’ son in his kayak, around the southern no wake buoy and straight back to the dock. First, second and third to cross the finish winning ribbons were Alivia, Matthew, and Garret in that order.
Second race consisted of 7 kayaks and 8 kayakers ranging in age from 16 to 54. They raced around Jeff’s son, southern no wake buoy than up to and around northern no wake buoy and back to the association dock. The finishing order was Erik, Bob, and Aillen.


The final group of 5 kayakers paddled the longer course also. We weren’t sure what type of race we were watching because of the bumping and rubbing from the start through the first turn seemed more like stock car than kayak racing. The field spread out and Jeff finished first. The second-place contest in this group was the tightest with Gail beating Paul across the finish by a nose. The Petelle home is probably very happy tonight.
A lot of smiles and laughs were had by all.  

Special thanks to Jeff Zegas for supplying contestant numbers, safety pins, ribbons and coordinating this event.

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